Model SDW2200/2500/2800 | Box Printing Machine

Flexo Printing and Slotting Machine  Model SDW2200/2500/2800 Introduction:

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group design and build this  

Flexo Printing and Slotting Machine  Model SDW2200/2500/2800;

CBADEN Flexo Printing and Slotting Machine  Model SDW2200/2500/2800 is new generation

machine fit for corrugated box making. With micro-computer control and adopts latest new

technology this series machine meet with the European standard.

More detail:

1. Memory Return to Zero: When the machine is working and you want to open it and clean or change the plate,

It can return to zero after the machine shut.

2.The Controllable Anilox Roller Up and Down: When one unit have no use to printing for a while,

it can be make Anilox Rollers of this unit not to go down and not to clean the ink roller.

3.Auto Carton Orderly Device: The flexible operation suitable for the personal operation habit

that can be set the time and the pitch time of carton ordering.

4. Position Return to Zero: The printing plate can return to zero and make it reach the position once.

Usually try to printing 2 piece of cartons can reach the right position.

5.Main motor screen show the speed, feeding, carton orderly and skip feeding ect

6. Display show the set number of order and actual produces. After quota setting,

it stop feeding and the anilox roller break away the print plate automatically.

Manufacturer of Cbaden Superior Machine Group can customize for you ,

please contact our Cbaden person by mail  ,   

Cbaden will offer you with superior and complete service . 

We are Box Printing Machine suppliers/manufacturers from china factory . We also can produce the Box Printing Machine according to the client’s requirement. We are always try our best to become the good Box Printing Machine, Box printing machine, flexo printing machine, corrugation box printing machine manufacturers/suppliers and welcome the customer from all over the world to contact with us.
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