Copy Paper Wrapping Machine

Copy Paper Wrapping Machine

This kind of A4 paper sheet packaging machine, adopting foreign technique, shortens packaging time and increases packaging efficiency. In stead of manual packaging, it is fully automatic

Each connecting rod, transversely paper feeding function and other sections are driven by a series of cams inside the machine to quickly complete the actions of automatic paper feeding, paper falling, gluing and wrapping etc.

Main Characteristics:

1.  Adopt multi-functional digit-display infinite speed regulation, PLC control

2.  Equipped with touch screen to realize man-machine interface

3.  Automatic transverse cutting and feeding of roll overwrap paper

4.  Both common color printing paper and top grade color printing paper can be packed

5.  The most advanced automatic gluing spraying system is equipped

6.  Reasonable structure, higher efficiency, easier operation and increased sealing capacity

This machine is suitable for packing A4 photocopy paper (210×297mm),  for A3 size (420 x 297mm) the machine should be customized.

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