CBADEN Machinery Group Help Mauritania Small Customer Growth Plan, We are a professional waste paper stripping machine from China manufacturers/suppliers, for waste paper stripping machine OEM&ODM/wholesale prices. Product/Service:paper roll cutting machine, roll paper cutting machine, paper sheeter, paper sheeting machine, paper roll sheeting machine, paper sheetersAutomatic sheeters and sheeting machines are designed tofibers, paper, plastic, sheetmaterial near the machine. These sheeter accessories are made

Wholesale Automatic Rotary-blade Sheeting Machine/waste paper stripping machine,$ 70000.00 Newwaste paper stripping machineYes.Source from cbaden Machine Factory Categories: A3/A4 Copy Paper Sheeting Machine: Name: ZHJ-1300E4 A4,A3 Copy Paper Cutting Machine: Detail: ZHJ-E1300 A4,A3 Copy Paper Cutting MachineManufacturer of Reel To Sheet Cutting Machine - Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine, Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine, Roll To Sheet Paper Cutting Machine and Automatic Paper